Bright Lite Charity Corp is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization. Tax ID:82-4642084. Donations & contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law.


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Campaign Description

Your donation powers Bright Lite Charity to provide meals and compassionate care to struggling children in need.  We are working tirelessly to reach the most vulnerable, down the street, across the country and around the world. By making a charitable donation to Bright Lite Charity, we can help secure food, essentials and more to hungry children and families.


Impoverished families face heartbreaking food insecurity every day across the country and around the world. Parents without education or the opportunity to earn anything close to a living wage, adequate nutrition for their children is out of reach. For the young ones, this lack of nutrition can quickly become lethal. It is critical to not just feed children, but nourish them, too. So many kids who were born with the drive to succeed just need a chance. We must come together and give what every child needs and deserves: A chance at a happy, healthy life.


Nutrition deficiencies affect more than two billion people worldwide. Without adequate food and nutrition, children are unable to reach their full mental and physical potential and face developmental delays, learning difficulties, and increased risk of lifelong chronic illnesses. Food insecurity takes a psychological toll, as well - children experiencing food insecurity are more likely to suffer from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder through their adulthood.  Lack of access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food - is a daily fact of life. More than half of people living in low-income cities and countries experience food insecurity.


At Bright Lite Charity, we are working tirelessly to get food and essentials into the hands of the most vulnerable and defeat childhood hunger.  We quickly and efficiently ship and deliver emergency food kits to strategic distribution points (nutritional centers, clinics, churches and feeding programs) in desperately poor communities.  With proper nutrition early in life, children can grow, develop and thrive to their full potential.

How Your Donation Will Be Used

We are dedicated to helping children and families caught in the midst of difficult circumstances, such as natural disaster, poverty and crisis. Your donation will be used to provide:

  • Rice
  • Beans
  • Soy meal
  • Corns 
  • Salt
  • Cooking oil
  • Bottle Water
  • Dry goods

We Thank You

We greatly appreciate your willingness to be a helping hand.  Poverty leads to hunger — with us work together, we can create a world where no child goes to bed hungry and putting more children than ever before on track to a better future.

Thank you for your most generous, continued, and vital support. We can’t do it without you, and we greatly appreciate your willingness to be a helping hand.






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